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To our marvelous Future!

Upgrading Earth Cover Mockup
Upgrading Earth Cover Book Mockup
Upgrading Earth cover with subtitle.

About the Book

A Refreshingly Sensible Book about an Optimistic Future for Humanity!

A Refreshingly Sensible Book about an Optimistic Future for Humanity!

A Refreshingly Sensible Book about an Optimistic Future for Humanity!

Evolutionary science doesn’t answer it. Religion generally doesn’t seem to answer it. The elephant in the room is a question that demands a response: What is the practical purpose of the earth? Does one exist?

If we analyze all existing data in the world, does any of it uncover a blueprint plan for an optimistic, reassuring, and hope-filled future for us and our planet? What if earth is in fact an organic super technology? What if it was never meant to be saved, but rather needs a complex upgrade. We upgrade our phones, computers, TVs, clothing, and city infrastructure. So why not planet earth? But then more questions arise. How? When? How long? What’s the next version? Who leads the restorative upgrade?

Forget the Apocalyptic Future! Our Future is Marvelous!

Let me take you on a journey in discovering if answers to these questions exist. And if they do, let me introduce you to how you can play a personal role in the great upgrade … if you desire.


About the Author


Jamie was born and raised in rural Ontario, Canada. He’s lived in 8 different countries over his lifetime including Italy, Czechia, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria and now calls Vilnius, Lithuania home. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Finance and Marketing from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands. He’s worked for three Fortune 500 companies and is passionate about information, data analysis, tech, blockchain, kingdom law, kingdom economics and challenging cultural norms. Most importantly, he’s passionate about getting to know the hearts and minds of the people living around him.

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Print ISBN#: 978-3-9519947-2-7
eBook ISBN#: 978-3-9519947-3-4

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