A Virus Enters The System

The Backstory

As we progressed through the last two chapters, we learned that a very strong possibility exists in the Bible blueprint of providing a plan for us and a purpose for the earth. We came to learn the personal names of our founders and the creators of this blueprint plan. We learned that throughout time they’ve always had various management teams they worked with in order to accomplish the various stages of the plan. I’ve written frequently in terms of companies and management teams, and I want to continue in this theme. I think it’s well understood, as we’ve all at some point worked or had to work as a team trying to achieve an outcome together.

The question arises now considering the backstory. What happened? Why does the earth even need an upgrade? How did we end up with such a wide spectrum of life across the planet? Here I mean some nations in poverty, some in great wealth, some people struggling every day, and some having the appearance of great ease. If our great founders are so powerful, with the ability to create us all, why do we have a world such as the one we see all around us right now?

The short answer which I have found is summed up in one word: a virus.

We’ve all become sick at some point in our lives, and when we get a virus like the flu, we know that it weakens us greatly. Sometimes we even end up in bed for days as we battle it. A virus is the cause that weakens us all. If it’s really bad, it can even lead to death. Let me go into more depth by putting this into the perspective of starting up and building a company. I’ve been using this term of our founders and architects, and so let’s look at what happened to the world around us.

The Founding of the Kingdom of Heaven Universe Unlimited (Ultd)

Abba Father our CEO, Jesus-Yahweh our CTO, and the Holy Spirit who is the COO, are the ultimate tech start-up team. They created a company called the Kingdom of Heaven Universe Unlimited (KoHeavenUniverse company). They establish this company outside of time and space. This is a family business, with the current employees being primarily the messengers/angels of Yahweh. It’s a powerful universal corporation. At its heart are love and justice. They have such an amazing vision for the company. They built a perfect company policy. We could call this policy the laws of the universe that are built around social and civil rules. The company rules reflect the perfect nature of our founders.

They’re at the forefront of an amazing new technology being created. They call it “organic tech.” As they’re very entrepreneurial, they begin designing and laying out the blueprints for their new technology. Organic tech is this amazing natural substance. Nothing has ever been seen like it before in the company. All of KoHeavenUniverse’s employees in the company can’t wait to see what Abba Father and Jesus-Yahweh will build with it. They’re curious about how they can be a part of the project. Our founders and the messengers aren’t made of this substance; they’re of spirit. Organic tech is a unique natural substance very different from their own form as spirit.

The first thing they create from this new technology is this thing they call earth. Then they set earth within a product they call time. That sounds cool, they say to themselves. I like the sound of that. It flows. Yeah, well, now let’s create everything out of this organic technology. We’ll give everything a bit of life from our own spirit. Everything on earth has a little part of us in it. What follows is that out of the earth’s natural organic tech they design the basis of all living creatures, all created according to their own individual blueprints. They allow for some evolution within each blueprint, but outside of each individual design, nothing can take on a shape or form of another entirely different blueprint design.

They like the work they’re doing and think: hmmm, maybe we can design one final creature out of this organic tech. This creature can then reflect our own image and characteristic traits. Which is to reflect our ability to create and design. They’ll be our representatives on the earth. We want this creature to be like us, to care for and also build things on this earth. Yeah, and let’s give it a name; we will call it a “human” because it comes from the earth. The male we’ll call “Adam,” the female “woman,” as she comes from man. The woman will be called Eve.

We’ll form a new legal company as well over the earth. It will be a subsidiary of the KoHeavenUniverse company. We’ll name it the Kingdom of Earth Ultd (KoEarth company). We’ll make Adam and Eve our Managing Directors (MDs) over this new company and everything on the earth. They’ll work with us together and we’ll be an amazing family-run business. It will be such an amazing relationship, yeah (Father and son and Holy Spirit give a high five)! We’ll give Adam authority to go forth and subdue the earth and multiply and have many baby Adams and Eves, and they’ll build amazing things on the earth with us. They’ll be our witnesses on earth for the things we are doing in the universe.

Now, as anyone knows who is creating and developing any kind of product, sometimes there are bugs to work out of it. Particularly in the tech world we wrestle with either software bugs or, worse, viruses. Anyone who has ever picked up a virus on their computer will know that it will wreak havoc on the entire computer system. As the creator of your product, you know, in fact, bugs or viruses are more than likely to happen.

You also know you’ll need to upgrade the product at some point. You’ll need to make improvements along the way. If you’re wise, you’ve thought about all of this in advance and built it into the plans you’ve created. You’ve already prepared for how you might solve the bugs or viruses if they occur. Or you’ve prepared some ideas of what version 2.0 of the product might be like. This is part of the planning and designing of products and services. You prepare for it all.

Coming back now to our company founders. They begin working with their new management team. Adam and Eve are both MDs. They are not equal, but they each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses to complement one another. One cannot manage without the other. They need each other in this project. Without each other, the project will become unbalanced in its management.

All is going well. Abba Father as CEO has done his part and is now taking care of other responsibilities in the company and the universe. He has given Jesus-Yahweh as CTO the responsibility of all of the earth along with his usual responsibilities over the universe. Jesus-Yahweh is having an amazing time of it with Adam and Eve. They have been trained in the kind of work they’ll have to do and how to manage everything on the earth.

Then one day disaster strikes. The one company rule gets broken that was put in place to protect the management team and the earth. By whom? By none other than … the MDs. By breaking this rule, there is a deep divide and rift created between Jesus-Yahweh and Adam and Eve. It breaks this amazing family relationship that existed between all parties. It looks like they can’t repair it, either. It’s also important to understand the formation of the Kingdom of Earth Ultd means that because of its unlimited liability as a legal company, Adam and Eve have assumed all risk and responsibility for their own actions.

Now, upon breaking the company rule, which was an act of disobedience to the goodness of our founders, the following events happen:

  1. A virus enters the system of the organic tech. It begins to corrupt the entire technology. The hardware and software are no longer perfect and incorruptible. The effect of the virus is death and decay of all creation. Creation includes the animals, the living plants, the humans, even the earth itself. Adam and Eve were once uncorrupted in their organic tech bodies. A perfect creation. Now the virus has brought mortality, aging, and eventually death to their bodies. The death of life occurred.
  3. The company rules state that when the terms and conditions are broken, a financial value must be paid. The rule says those who broke the rule can pay this value if they have the wealth available. If they don’t, it’s possible for a family member to pay the debt. Sadly though, this value is too much for Adam and Eve and the KoEarth company to pay themselves. They have nothing of value in the eyes of the founders to cover the cost. Adam and Eve also have no other family yet, so there’s no one else who can cover the debt for them. They took on the full responsibility of the company and the earth. What’s created, then, is an unpayable debt against our Jesus-Yahweh and the Kingdom of Heaven Universe Ultd company.

The estate of Adam and Eve and the Kingdom of Earth Ultd is sold off to the highest bidder in the universe. They will work off these debts against their labor on the earth. They see no way of ever being free of this debt. They just don’t have the money or the resources to pay it off. In the meantime, Jesus-Yahweh is crushed that this has happened. This is his creation. His everything. The ones the founders loved and created in their own image and likeness.

It breaks his heart that Adam and Eve broke the one rule that was in place to keep them safe and protected. However, Jesus-Yahweh knows that the company rules must be followed. He must uphold the terms and conditions that all parties agreed upon. Otherwise, how could anybody ever trust Jesus-Yahweh’s integrity again if he didn’t follow the rules that were put in place himself?

We learn an important aspect now about the name of Jesus-Yahweh. Integrity is everything to his character. Honoring the company rules and laws are important to him as the CTO looking after earth and everything on it.

What follows, is Adam and Eve restructure the company. They form the Kingdom of Adam Ultd (KoAdam company). It still holds all of the debts, but the company now is named to reflect whose image is being built. It reflects humanity’s image rather than Yahweh’s and Abba Father’s. Additionally, there is still no solution to the virus problem. It infects all of the technology with mortality and death.

Understanding the Nature of the Virus

Before I continue with the overall story, I want to take a short interlude to explain the nature of this virus and how it affects us today. In the Bible blueprint there is a term used in English which is called sin. Have you heard this word before? What do you know about it? How do you feel when you hear the word?

What we read in the Bible blueprint comes from one of Jesus’s top team members. The apostle Paul writes:

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s [Abba Father’s] glorious standard.[1]

What happened with Adam and Eve is when they broke the company rules, they fell short of their initial purpose and calling. Their calling was to reflect the integrity and honor of Abba Father, our CEO, and Jesus-Yahweh, our CTO. As we learned, Jesus-Yahweh holds his name and character above all else as being full of integrity and honor, as he reflects the integrity and honor of his father. This is what it means to be “one” with his father. The MDs fell short of this when they broke the rules.

The word sin originates from the Hebrew word chatta’ah (חַטָּאָה), pronounced khat-taw-aw, and it means “to miss the mark.”[2] In Greek, the word is hamartanō (ἁμαρτάνω), and it means “properly to miss the mark.”[3] We also read from the apostle John what this sin equates to.

Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.[4]

To break the rules or commit lawlessness means that some form of punishment needs to occur. In most companies today, if we break their rules we get fired and hopefully it won’t affect our chances of a new job in the future. How then, is sin and breaking the rules here dealt with on a practical level, especially if sin is also considered lawlessness? Jesus shows us the answer in the blueprint. We see that it’s paralleled with a “debt.” This is also the understanding as it’s found in the company rules, where a debt can be created against one another. The apostle Luke records for us Jesus’ words:

And forgive us our sins, For we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended or wronged us].[5]

I can sin against you; you can sin against me. It’s no different from if I commit a crime of some sort against you and then I’m indebted to you for it. If my sin against you was that I robbed you of one million dollars, then my debt to you would be to pay it off. Interestingly, the KoHeavenUniverse company rules state that I would need to pay double back to you. I would be required to pay you two million dollars back.

If I didn’t have this money, I would need to work for you until I’d paid it all off. Additionally, a wonderful part of the company rules in the blueprint is that no debt can ever be permanently held against someone. There’s a time limit on working and paying off debts. More on this to come in Chapter 6 on understanding the grand plan for the earth and us as people on it.

Finally, how does this impact us today? Well, sinning is the action of missing the mark and falling short of Abba Father’s integrity. I know I miss it almost every day of my life right now, even though I know what the solution is. Yet while sin is the action, it’s the virus of mortality and death that reacts with our organic tech bodies. Because of the virus, it weakens our organic bodies in fighting against sinning. We’re not able to fight off the irresistible urge in our bodies and minds to go its own way. It’s a way that is often contrary to that of our founders. Hence why it’s also viewed as being connected to lawlessness. So even when we try with our own power to uphold the integrity and honor of Abba Father and Jesus-Yahweh, we just can’t.

It’s difficult. I feel sometimes it’s like a war going on in my body between sin and the solution that Jesus brought. Thankfully, there is a solution that Jesus had already planned for long in advance to this problem of sin and the debt outstanding with Adam and Eve and the Kingdom of Adam Ultd company. A summary of this problem looks like this:

  • Adam and Eve missed the mark → The virus of mortality and death entered in and humanity died to life. 
  • The virus of mortality and death lives in our bodies, so it makes us weak. → Therefore, we cannot fight missing the mark every day with our own strength. → Making us weaker → making us miss the mark, etc. A never-ending cycle that needs a solution.

Can There Be a Solution to This Whole Problem?

When I look around the world today, I see many things. Such a mix of beauty and majesty. Yet I also see despair and sorrow. I see a lot of brokenness as well. I see people who are living it up in the lap of luxury, at the same time, deep poverty where a piece of bread is something to be happy about and celebrated.

In my life I’ve been one to go out into the streets and just talk to people, to ask them questions about their lives. It’s interesting to speak to those who are homeless, and hear how they got there. Everybody has a story to share about the good times they’ve had in their lives and the tough times. In fact, in most cases we’re all going through something. This is why we need great compassion for one another.

I’m sure many have the question: is there a solution to what troubles us in this world? Is there truly a solution to these things called sin, mortality, and death? When will all the nations of the earth be truly blessed? The good news is the story continues. It’s far from over. The company founders have always been prepared. In fact, being an amazing start-up team, they laid out the solution well in advance and recorded it in the blueprint plan.

Systematically, each stage of the plan needs to be completely fulfilled according to the company rules laid out for the universe. Restoration is at the heart and spirit of who our founders are. It’s in their character. After all, if we can laugh, we get a glimpse into how much fun they can be to work with and we see that nothing stresses them. Let’s then pick up the story, shall we, as we progress towards the great upgrade ahead.

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