This being my first book, a book I never could have imagined I would write, there are a lot of people I’d like to acknowledge.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the support I’ve had from my family—my parents, my brothers, and my sisters. Your love and support have always been the greatest in my life, even though we live over 5,000 km away. I am blessed to call you my family.

A special acknowledgment to my Aunt Lucy, Nathan, Robert, Bettina, and Gur for being ones that fully read and reviewed my first version and all of the feedback you provided to me along the way. A big thanks to you, Nathan, for your friendship and all of your support, having been through the book publishing process before.

Thank you to Uwe. I’ve learned a lot from you the last year. It has been a truly transformative friendship.

For all of you who call me a friend, I’m also very thankful for your friendship and what you add to my life. I can’t name you all, but know I’m grateful. For all of those who may read this who have come into my life and, for whatever reason, have left my life, I’d also like to say thank you. The time spent with you and what I’ve learned from you over that moment in time will never be forgotten.

Finally, for all the random people I approached on the streets of Vienna, Austria in testing out the title of this book and testing out the cover of the book, I want to thank you. From teenagers to grandmothers, from Austrians to tourists, I’ve had such great pleasure and so much fun in our conversations and your feedback. Thank you!

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