There was a baseball Hall-of-Famer named Yogi Berra that once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” If we listen to all the mainstream news, media, and politics over the last decades, it seems like where we’re going is down a road that is on the way to a very dark, bleak, joyless, apocalyptic, it’ll-be-the-end-of-the-world kind of destination.

Could it be, maybe, we’re reading the wrong map to our end destination? And that all of this bleak, dire, apocalyptic future is, in fact, a “somewhere else” on the journey to what instead should be a very hopeful, peaceful, optimistic, and wonderful future for us and the earth?

It would be as if I wanted to drive from Vienna, Austria westward to the beautiful Austrian Alps to go hiking. Yet my co-driver is directing me with a map of North Carolina, USA eastward towards our deadly end destination, the Atlantic Ocean. Then onward to a really deadly destination if the car could drive on water, the Bermuda Triangle. However, practically … I’m still on the road to the beautiful Austrian Alps no matter what the map in front of my co-driver says. No matter how much he tries to convince me otherwise.

I’m a person who likes to ask crazy questions and is curious about everything. There’s maybe no answer to the question, but it doesn’t stop me from asking it and then trying to find the answers. The above is just one kind of example of the questions I sometimes ask. As I get older, I find there are certain questions that keep popping up in my mind that need answers. Therefore, this book originates out of a thought which has been on my mind of late. What do you think about this statement?

We think we know everything, yet the more we learn, the more we realize how very little we know. We are very divided. We have theories about everything, and everything is in some way supposed to be questioned. At the same time, we’re not supposed to question anything. Religion and science are still hostile to each other.

It seems only one or the other can be true, but can’t there be truth in both? At the same time, science has in many ways become as religion was in the fifteenth century. We’re not to question it. Yet religion has now become as science once was, and should always be questioned and tested and critiqued.

Is there any truth to this? What do you think? Have you ever thought about this before?

As I’ve been thinking about this statement, what stood out to me was the division in it. I’m not sure if you experience this around you in your everyday life, but I have, whether I’m visiting my family in Canada or at home in Austria. The division seems to ramp up to extreme levels. Its impact is so severe that it’s literally dividing families. It’s dividing long-standing friendships. It’s dividing marriages and it’s dividing societies.

One tries to ignore it, but when it actually impacts you personally, it’s kind of hard to just push it aside and believe it’s not important. I suppose because of social media it somehow also amplifies it more than at any other time in our history. Have you experienced this in your own life at all?

My sense from this is that we have two groups battling it out for supremacy of thought and, sadly, for world power. I’m not sure this helps anyone in the end, as life is lived somewhere generally in the middle. Given my words above, I see these two groups as follows, with each having an elephant in the room which they seem unable to deal with. These being:

Group 1: Science, Evolution, Darwinism, Atheism, No God

Science is amazing and has shown us the depths of our universe, our planet, our animals, and our humanity. Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, as much as all scientists on this side of the coin claim to be correct, there are a lot of open questions that cannot be explained. The elephant in the room on this side is the wide gap in being able to answer the question of purpose. Why are we here and why the earth? What was the purpose of the Big Bang followed by evolution if then to have all of this become meaningless?

Darwin seems to have become a religion today and not to be questioned. Yet Darwin doesn’t answer the why. Why do we say there are laws to the universe? If there are laws, there must be a law-giver, right? Why do scientists call DNA the blueprint of life?[1] Did a blueprint just create itself? Surely a blueprint requires an architect to draw it up.

Do we ignore these deeper questions? Can we be satisfied with randomness? Can we feel okay that there really is no purpose or meaning for us or the earth? If the existence of eat, sleep, die, repeat is all there is to life? I can understand if someone has anxiety for the future of this planet. There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom being spoken of here.

What then brings us peace to know it will all be okay, even if we screw it all up? What allows us to keep calm and carry on? This is the elephant in the room with group 1 as I would see it. What do you think?

Group 2: Science, Creationism, Religion, Faith, God

Science is very important on this side as well. Many scientists who believe in creation see science as revealing how our creator designed the universe. Overall, religion and faith are good at answering the question of “why we are here.” It brings hope and to most a sense of some purpose and meaning to their everyday lives.

However, if we are also honest on this side of the coin, there is also a very large elephant in the room.

That is the question about the earth’s purpose and plan. If we try to do an honest survey of all the religions and faiths, they in fact don’t seem to answer practically the question about the earth’s purpose. Most religions and faiths understand we should respect, honor, and take care of the earth, though this isn’t universal, as it only works once you step out of extreme poverty and you have the time and extra money to care about the earth.

What I’ve found is most religions and faiths seem to be expecting to eventually escape the earth, rather than remain on it. There is the hope of going to Heaven if you’re good enough, or seeking to disconnect from physical matter altogether, or to end up hanging around the universe in some spiritual realm different from Heaven or end up personally obliterated.

It seems the earth is a bit of an afterthought once you die, and so the purpose of the earth has no answer as well. This is the elephant in the room with group 2 as I would see it. What do you think?

Whether one identifies with group 1 or group 2, we are all human. We all have our good traits and we all have our flaws. Nobody’s perfect and nobody has all the answers. I know I certainly don’t. If we step back for a moment and consider these things from a bird’s-eye view, maybe then we can better understand the division between the two groups taking place.

At the heart of the division is maybe the topic of the earth and our end destination. To the one group earth is everything, as we have no “Plan B” or “Planet B.” It’s up to us to save it, otherwise who will? To the other group it’s important for sure, but it’s also, in fact, kind of an afterthought. Maybe it’s a temporary testing ground. But once we die, we won’t be coming back to it anymore. We’re taking off elsewhere.

Having said all of this, in our heart of hearts, no matter what we believe or think, we’ve all, at some point, asked ourselves this question: “Why am I here, and what’s my purpose?” Looking at this division from the bird’s-eye view, let us then add, “What’s the purpose of the earth?”

If I combine these two questions into one, we have “What is the purpose of the earth and us being on it?” I think now we have a very good question moving forward. When I asked this question, I have to say I couldn’t find a very good answer within the two groups above. By that I mean a practical answer, not a philosophical one. What is the practical purpose of the earth and us being on it?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a rational person. At least, I hope they believe me to be a rational person. I don’t blindly accept what I’m being told. I just can’t. When I approach a topic, I need to survey all the different perspectives. I need to understand what everyone is saying about the topic, what proof points exist on each side, and then come to a solid conclusion.

Facts which have not been manipulated matter to me, not feelings. I found when I focused on what answered the question about the practical purpose of the earth, then I could be secure in standing upon that foundation with confidence. Not in blind belief but in secure rational analysis.

To the best of my ability, I began surveying all the data and information I could find. I found that there is in fact a clear practical answer for the purpose of the earth. That is, if you want to consider it. There’s a solid plan and blueprint which has been active for around 6,000 years. Most of its foundation is on a legal system which the entire plan is derived from. A legal system so good that, in fact, no nation is functioning with its perfection yet.

You may find yourself surprised by what unfolds. It could be you have never heard of this plan in this way. What follows, then, is asking: do we want to take this into consideration? Can we have peace about the plan, and can we accept it as something truthful? Do we then want to pick up the correct map for our journey?

This book will speak about the plan of how the earth and everything in it will be upgraded. How it will once again become a beautiful, perfect paradise in the millennia to come. There will be no corruption, injustice, debt, crime, hate, or oppression. There will be no poverty, sorrow, pain, suffering, or vanity, no ideologies or philosophies, and no religion. Each person’s work will be meaningful and full of life. Yes, the world as we know it will be healed. It will be completely upgraded.

I hope through this book we will see that there is an amazing future and hope for us and the planet. It’s a hope that is very practical. A hope with direction that will spur new forms of action. A hope that I would like to see create greater unity in the world, rather than division. A hope that will crush fear, anxiety, and division.

Can you imagine this? I can. I also look forward to taking part in the work of this great upgrade, as there’s some very special work to be done ahead. This book will also help you understand how you can practically be a part of this great upgrade.

What criteria need to be met to be a participant and join the management team which will execute the upgrade? Knowing this will help in guiding you to learn about and understand “what’s your purpose now” for your life.

Come on this journey with me to discovering the great future of our planet. Come on this journey with me to discovering the upgrading of earth.

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