We’ve now come to the last part of our journey and the close of this book. When you think about it, we’ve just travelled a period of time and space that spans 50,000 years. That’s exciting. Especially when you think that we still have 43,000 years ahead of us. I’d say that’s not too bad for a book written in six chapters. Wouldn’t you agree?

At the beginning of this book, I presented to you two groups of people. Two groups that seem to battle it out for supremacy of thought and ideas, declaring that only one can be correct. This battle is causing a growing division between all the peoples of the world who feel forced to take sides. It seems they can’t reach a middle ground.

Through this all, I revealed what I believe is the elephant in the room not being answered by either group—this being the purpose of the earth. My thought was that if we could find the answer to this question, then maybe we could begin to focus on what middle ground we have together. We could begin a wonderful journey in removing the division between the two groups. It’ll give us an amazing and wonderful hope for our future.

For the earth to have a purpose, there must be a plan for it to fulfill its purpose. I’ve stated from my research that the data points to the Bible as the blueprint holding the grand and glorious plan for the earth, and that the earth is the key planet of the entire universe. No other planet plays such a pivotal role or has such significance. It’s where the management of the universe will take place. It’s where the head office will be for the Kingdom of Heaven, with CEO Jesus and Abba Father living and dwelling among us on earth.

We’ve learned about our founders and architects—how precise they are in laying out the entire plan. We learned how intimate and personal they can be—how much they truly love their creation. It’s been amazing to learn about what has happened to their technology as a budding tech start-up team and how this wretched virus has infected us all as organic tech.

What an amazing solution was put in place right from the beginning to redeem all of creation from its effects. Jesus, the CEO, had a plan right from the beginning to restore all of creation back to Abba Father. The plan included himself as the solution and the antivirus.

We’ve also learned that the true battle is not between these two groups above. The battle is between Jesus, the CEO of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth company, and those ruthless, corrupt, and evil rulers of the Kingdom of Adam company. This also includes the ideologies that they use to divide and oppress us all. They refuse to implement KoHeavenEarth culture on the earth and declare a Jubilee to all.

The good news is a day is coming when Jesus will implement a hostile takeover against the rulers of the Kingdom of Adam company. He will begin the promise of blessing all peoples of the earth. This will also kick off the great and amazing upgrade of our beautiful planet.

Finally, we learned that they created each and every person on the planet for a purpose. There’s a high calling that only you, and no one else, can fulfill. No matter what company you are a part of at the return of our CEO, you’re valued. You’re cherished. You’re irreplaceable. There’s no one like you. Abba Father and Jesus have a deep love for you which will never change.

Of course, as we live our lives, the grand plan of Jesus must be fulfilled. There’s work to be done. There are important choices to be made. Does one now want to stay part of the KoAdam company or leave and join Jesus? There are great rewards for making that choice in our active lives.

The greatest achievement in life is to go for our crown. To receive the rewards that are only on offer for those who become part of the executive management team. Oh, what an amazing reward it will be! It’ll be a chance to lead the earth’s great upgrade that is coming. Plus so much more beyond this in the 42,000 years that follow the upgrade.

I hope I have done a good job of presenting the total picture. Showing who created the plan. What the plan is and the general milestones that make up the plan. This all points to the question: what is the purpose of the earth and us on it? Everything in this book is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s always so much more to learn until the day Jesus returns.

In the introduction I wrote:

You may find yourself surprised by what unfolds. It could be that you’ve never heard of this plan in this way. What follows then is asking, do we want to take this into consideration? Can we have peace about the plan, and can I accept it as something truthful?

I’d like now to ask you, what do you think? Have you been surprised by what I’ve written? Have you ever heard of such a plan for the earth? When in your life did you ever hear about such a grand and wonderful plan like this? I would like to invite you to just consider my words and all that is written in this book. Review them all in comparison to your current belief system and world view.

Is this plan something you might have peace about? Can you trust this plan—that no matter what happens in the future, we can be confident that all is under control? It’s not our task to save the earth. Our task is to do the best we can in finding the right balance of stewardship of the people and nations and keeping care of this garden we call earth.

We don’t need to worry about the future of the earth. Jesus won’t let us screw it all up. If we seek his best for all, then, by default, we take care of the earth and everything and everyone on it.

When lying in bed or going for a walk out and about, ask Jesus yourself if what I write in this book is true and if you can trust it. Ask him to reveal these things to you personally. I’m confident that he loves you so much that he will. He’ll begin to show you who you are to him.

With that, I thank you for spending time with me during this journey. My heart’s desire is that we’ll get to work together as part of the executive management team during the great and amazing upgrade.

I leave you with my final question. How do you want to play a part in the upgrading of earth?

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