The Takeover and Upgrade Process

Foundational Rules Built on Time

If you recall, in Chapter 3 we read about the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven Universe Ultd. The creation of this company took place “outside of time and space.” Yet upon the invention of earth, which comprises organic tech, earth was created within “a product called time.” This is interesting, isn’t it? What this means is that time itself is a type of technology. Have you ever considered this before? I think it’s something we can’t even grasp, as we live within time.

How does anything function and work without time impacting it? It’s a product we’ve never had the ability to control. We can track it. We can watch it. It moves forward whether we like it or not. But we can’t control it.

It’s interesting then, that to understand the next stages of the great plan for the restoration and upgrade of the earth we need to understand more about the company rules, which are based on this exact product—time. When we are working within our companies or doing various activities, we have targets in our lives. Any good project will require timelines. Timelines are the foundation for milestones that need to be reached.

Timelines give us our targets for the completion of a project. If we don’t have these, the project could go on and on, never coming to completion. None of this is great when there’s a lot of money on the line. We all know the saying “Time is money.”

This applies as well with our CEO, Jesus, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth company. It’s been almost 2,000 years since Jesus founded the KoHeavenEarth company and began the work preparing for the transfer of the head office from Heaven to earth. Also the work preparing the new bio-spirit tech bodies for his executive management team. If we think about it, in 2033 it’ll be 2,000 years that have passed since the milestone of the cross. It’s not far off now. Many people wonder when. When will his return happen? When will the boss return?

Let’s now look at three important company rules and laws about the management of time. Not only time, in fact, but it’s in these three company rules that I believe we can see the goodness of Abba Father and Jesus. It’s in these rules that I see “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before Your face[1] being revealed. These rules are the company rules of the Sabbath law and the Jubilee law, and the rule of time itself.

Company Rule: The Sabbath Law

I will quote this from the blueprint. It’s found as part of what we call the ten company rules (or the Ten Commandments). It makes up the fourth rule. This rule is:

No working on the Sabbath; keep it holy just as Yahweh, your Elohim, commanded you. Work six days, doing everything you have to do, but the seventh day is a Sabbath, a Rest Day—no work: not you, your son, your daughter, your servant, your maid, your ox, your donkey (or any of your animals), and not even the foreigner visiting your town. That way your servants and maids will get the same rest as you. Don’t ever forget that you were slaves in Egypt and Yahweh, your Elohim, got you out of there in a powerful show of strength. That’s why Yahweh, your Elohim, commands you to observe the day of Sabbath rest.[2]

Our CEO has established in the company rules that a day of rest is law. It’s one day out of seven when he wants us to spend time with him and focus on him. It’s also a rule that he implemented that helps keep us living healthy in these organic tech bodies.

We all need at least one day of rest from our busy work schedules. At the time, this was very countercultural to the Kingdom of Adam company and the agricultural societies. The Egyptian type of slavery never gave a day of rest. It was seven days of hard, never-ending labor.

I’m not sure if you feel the same way. But I feel at times in society today that we create technologies to free up our time so we can enjoy life more. Yet as it frees up more time, it seems to have increased the need to work harder, faster, longer to remain competitive. This hustle, hustle, go, go, I-can-sleep-when-I-die attitude never stops.

It feels like a new modern-day type of slavery. Is it just me or do you feel the same? Jesus sees this as being a part of the KoAdam company culture, looking to get all they can out of us in terms of resources and labor.

Therefore, he designed the Sabbath law to give us a day of forced rest as part of the KoHeavenUniverse and KoHeavenEarth company rules. Additionally, as it’s recorded in the blueprint, Jesus-Yahweh worked six days and then rested on the seventh. The Sabbath company rule establishes a pattern of time. This pattern is 6 + 1. Six days of work, one day of rest. If you think about it, it’s amazing that today we still hold this pattern of time, as our week fits perfectly into seven days. History also reveals as they played with this week time, they always ended up back with a seven-day week.

Company Rule: The Jubilee Law

We find the next rule related to time in the book of Leviticus, in chapter 25. Again, I want to quote it, as it helps us to grasp this important element of time that Jesus designed for us. We read:

Count off seven Sabbaths of years—seven times seven years: Seven Sabbaths of years adds up to forty-nine years. Then sound loud blasts on the ram’s horn on the tenth day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement. Sound the ram’s horn all over the land. Sanctify the fiftieth year; make it a holy year. Proclaim freedom all over the land to everyone who lives in it—a Jubilee for you: Each person will go back to his family’s property and reunite with his extended family.[3]

The Jubilee was meant to be a regular occurrence beginning every fiftieth year. The Jubilee was a special event because of its significance in the whole topic of debt repayment. It is a reset year. History shows the KoAdam company has never implemented a full Jubilee, for example, a cancellation of all debts. If you recall, I shared that sin creates debts. This sin was like someone committing a crime against another and a debt is created. A sin-debt.

I want to give a practical example of this again. Let’s say I stole one million dollars from you. The company rule and law would state that I have now sinned against you. And the rules on theft state I must pay double back. I must pay you two million dollars. If I have this, okay, no problem. I pay you and all the sin-debt is forgiven. We move forward as friendly neighbors. However, what if I don’t have the two million dollars? Then what? Then the company rules state if you don’t want to forgive me of my debt, I would have to become your servant and I must work off the debt to you.

In modern terms I would say that I need to work in your company and my debts will be taken from the salary you pay me. If you allow for my own expenses to be covered, you take from everything on top to pay the debt I owe you. Let’s say you are taking 25,000 dollars from me annually. This would mean, in time terms, I would have to work for you for the next eighty years.

Wow, that’s a long time. But wait—here’s how the Sabbath years and the Jubilee work in this example.

  • I work six years for you. I get one year off. A rest year for you and for me.
  • I come back after the Sabbath year. I work another six years. And again, a rest year on the seventh year.
  • And it continues like this until the end of the forty-ninth year.

Now the beauty of the Jubilee comes into play. The Jubilee is a setting free of all debts. It’s a reset year, a restoration year. Any and all debt of anyone needs to be “forgiven.” A Jubilee = The Forgiveness of All Debts, irrespective of what is outstanding. It’s also interesting to note that the fiftieth year is also the start of the next Jubilee cycle. As an example, one would expect 6,000 years then to be 6,000/50 = 120 Jubilees. However, as the fiftieth year is also the start of the next forty-nine-year Jubilee cycle, it means that, legally speaking, 120 Jubilees = 49 x 120 = 5,880 years. We have then two types of time, chronological and legal time, within the Jubilee law accounting system of time.[4]

Imagine what a debt-freedom year beginning every fifty years would look like for us today. Imagine the impact that would have on removing poverty from the world. I get so excited about this. The Jubilee and the Sabbath play an important role in the grand plan of the coming company takeover and the management of all outstanding sin-debts as we progress in the plan of Jesus for earth’s great upgrade.

To conclude on these two rules: Jesus, as CEO, and Abba Father have built them into the company rules and law to manage time on earth. They’re there to prevent any permanent servitude and slavery to our debts. They’re put in place for us as organic tech so that we can have a day of rest for our bodies and to spend a personal day each week with our boss and friend, Jesus and Abba Father.

They’re put in place so we can give the earth a legal rest year as well. The land can rejuvenate and recuperate from the hard labor of farming and depleting the nutrients as we use it for our food and resources. This rule of six days of work, one day of rest lays out a framework for work and rest over all creation. Everything works. Everything rests. Everything and everyone is set free from their debt on the Jubilee year.

Company Rule: A Standard of Time

There’s one final rule and law that I would like to share with you about time. It’s also important for us to understand the timing of events. The timing of Jesus’ return. The timing of the relocation of the KoHeavenEarth company’s head office to earth. This rule is stated here by the executive team member Peter the apostle:

But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord [Jesus] one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord [Jesus] is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.[5]

Peter is informing us that in our realm of time, one day for Jesus is like a thousand years for us. But at the same time, a thousand years for Jesus goes so fast that it’s like one day for us.

I shared in Chapter 1 that there is much evidence that the earth will be around for at least the next 43,000 years. Are you beginning to see a connection at all between the Sabbath law and the Jubilee law and this standard of time? That being six days of work, one day of rest. Six years of work, one year of rest. Seven Sabbaths of years for a fiftieth-year Jubilee.

We’re starting to see the longer-term timelines come into sight for our CEO’s plans with the KoHeavenEarth company and the earth. Let’s move forward and look at the development of the plans that are still ahead.

A Takeover Initiated

Coming back to the overall plans of Jesus, we jump to the present day. There’s a takeover that has begun. The final stages of this great takeover began in 2008 with the global financial crisis and it’s been carrying on since. And it’ll heat up over the coming decades beyond 2020. You may ask, what takeover? Who’s taking over who? The answer is a company takeover of the Kingdom of Adam Ultd by none other than Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Ultd. This is the takeover to end all takeovers and will be … I want to use the word “epic.”

I want to reshare the importance of what battle is taking place, as stated in the blueprint:

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.[6]

What does this mean on a practical level? The blueprint reveals to us the names of the rulers of the Kingdom of Adam company. These are the mighty powers in this dark world and age we live in. These rulers have been getting rich by oppressing the peoples and nations of the world. Their collective name is called Mystery Babylon in the blueprint. One could call them the modern-day Babylonians, ruling an empire and oppressing the people.

This company is a global system of oppression wrapped up around politics, finance, and religious and ideological systems. A system that we live in now that makes us believe we’re free but in fact, is quite the opposite. They don’t want us to walk in the freedom and liberty that Jesus gives those in the KoHeavenEarth company. They don’t want to lose their power, which has been in place since the time of Adam and Eve. Which, based on chronological time or legal time, is going on anywhere between 5,914 to 6,020 years now.

They’re terrified and fighting to keep this power by dividing us against each other. They don’t want us to see the truth of their lies and corruption. They want to keep us occupied with hating one another rather than seeing how they’re playing us as puppets for their own gains. In fact, it’s the rulers of the KoAdam company who have become the enemies of Jesus and the enemies of our freedoms.

The truth is that Abba Father and Jesus own all of creation. We’re a product of their love, and they love us so much that their plan will not fail. They’ll achieve exactly what they said they’d achieve, which is redeeming everything and everyone! That means taking over the KoAdam company.

This takeover is, in fact, two sided. On the one side it’s a hostile takeover. It’s hostile to all the rulers and owners of the KoAdam company and to Mystery Babylon, since they don’t want to let go of their power. On the other side, it’s a slightly disruptive but almost peaceful merger. Peaceful and as smooth as possible for all the employees of the KoAdam company. I know I wouldn’t want to be one of the rulers and owners of the KoAdam company. I wouldn’t want to be one of the people who are working to prop up an unjust system of oppression. No way.

Jesus has been stirring a worker’s revolt internally at the KoAdam company. Those in the KoAdam company are seeing that some things aren’t right in their company. He’s exposed, little by little, the corruption and evil that these rulers have been doing over the last 200 years. Their evil deeds are all going to be exposed. Step by step, the eyes of the peoples and nations of both companies will be opened. He has begun the great awakening. And the KoAdam company rulers are powerless to stop it.

One source of power of the KoAdam company is the entire central banking system and their competing economic models. They built the entire financial system of the KoAdam company to enslave nations and peoples to debt and enrich its rulers. They have filled us with lies to believe that resources on the earth are “scarce.” In doing so, this drives our hearts to go for one or the other option that comes out of a scarcity mindset. This is a diagram of the KoAdam company’s economic model[7] they put forward to us, which competes against themselves, thereby dividing the nations and peoples in feeling they have to choose.

The KoAdam Company Economic Model

Additionally, the KoAdam company has never called a Jubilee. They’ve abused the responsibility that they’ve been given. Jesus is attacking this system now. One major hit was the 2008 financial crisis. Over the coming decade or two, we will see more and more attacks come to weaken the KoAdam company in all spheres of life that these rulers have had power over. Globalism being a part of this will be crushed, so this means disruption.

Disruption is certain and it is never easy. One should still be aware and prepared for it. However, I believe that we won’t see any worldwide financial collapse like the “doom and gloom” people are describing.

Why do I say this? Well, the blueprint gives us insight into the pattern of this takeover. In the old blueprint plan it speaks about the fall of the Babylonian Empire. At that time, the Medo-Persians conquered Babylon with this exact model. The Babylonian rulers were killed and destroyed. But the general population themselves had a peaceful transition as Medo-Persia conquered them.

I believe this is a model of how we will see the KoAdam company fall and be taken over by the KoHeavenEarth company with Jesus at the helm. However, given all of this, I still think there will be great disruption. I also advise that if one is invested in the KoAdam company, one will lose everything, as the KoAdam company’s economic system will not remain.

Over the last 2,000 years, Jesus has been working with the people who have joined the KoHeavenEarth company, laying the foundations of a new economic system. These foundations are based on the KoHeavenEarth company’s rules and laws. We are seeing great acceleration and rising of this new economic model. Maybe you’re also starting to see it. It links a part of this to cryptocurrency and the blockchain revolution. Here is one part of the developing KoHeavenEarth Economic Model that is already being formed.[7]

The KoHeavenEarth Company Economic Model

There’s no such thing as scarcity in the KoHeavenEarth economic model. Jesus owns everything. Therefore, there’ll always be enough, and enough abundantly, if we choose his ways as to how to maintain and steward the earth. In any case, one day Jesus will throw the switch. The world will flip from the defunct KoAdam company economic systems to the new Kingdom of Heaven on Earth financial and economic systems. I’m not sure how you want to invest in your future. But for me, I’m all in and putting all my eggs in the basket of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth company.

We can therefore expect to see the ongoing collapse of the KoAdam company and its culture. The great awakening and the final phases of the takeover plan will carry on. As it collapses and declines, so too will we see a growing influence of the KoHeavenEarth company’s culture on the earth as Jesus and his team prepare for his return. Our hearts have been designed and embedded with the ability to accept only one true global government. That’s a global government lead by CEO Jesus as king and ruler and boss of the world.

Humanity will rebel against any other attempt of the one percent to create a global world order. Globalism without Jesus has been attempted over and over again. Each time, it ended in failure. We only need to look at the history of the rise and fall of empires to see it.

CEO Returns, Takeover Complete, Integration Begins

Have you ever been involved in a merger and acquisition? Or been in a company that has gone through this process? There are so many moving parts when you have thousands of employees to manage. I’ve been a part of the 8.8-billion-dollar acquisition and merger between Micro Focus and HPE Software, which was announced in 2017. We thoroughly prepared the work on this merger before the official completion date, which was September 1, 2018. This was the date when all HPE Software employees officially became Micro Focus employees.

Thankfully, this was a peaceful merger. All parties had agreed on the terms and conditions. We were all able to work together to prepare for September 2018.

Many legal companies made up HPE Software. Each country had its own structure and people in it. On Day 1 of the new company, all those people remained in their legal companies, keeping all the terms and conditions of their employment contracts in place. Those legal companies became part of Micro Focus International.

The company IT systems were prepared in advance so business could carry on as usual. On Day 1 we became one company. But we had two IT systems—one for legacy Micro Focus and one for legacy HPE Software—until it could all be unified. They planned the integration to take place over a year or two, depending on how complex everything was. The process had to follow the planned integration timelines.

Employee performance was also very important. All performance records were maintained and kept. This drove the final year-end performance reviews. How one performed in the past was kept within one’s records.

We see with such a merger the management teams aim to make things go as smooth as possible. Yet there’s a lot of disruption. Ask any employee who took part in this merger. They can tell you that it was a long journey until they reached a sense of normalcy.

Coming back now to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Ultd. We can approach the takeover in the same way. When CEO Christ Jesus returns, this is the cutoff date. There are no more opportunities to join the KoHeavenEarth company. A freeze of transfers happens at this moment in time. A person is fixed in the company that they are a part of at his return. Everyone is also fixed in the roles they have achieved. This is because the role and company you are in at the time of his return drives all future employee performance reviews.

How then, does the process look?

Jesus returns to take over control of the KoAdam company. The move of the head office is completed. If someone has joined the KoHeavenEarth company and qualified to join the executive management team, then their body will be transformed in the blink of an eye into their new bio-spirit tech body. This is the beginning of the 1,000-year upgrade period. The blueprint calls it the first resurrection. The corrupt management of the KoAdam company is put to an end. The KoAdam company becomes legally part of the KoHeavenEarth company. CEO Jesus manages this company, along with his executive management team, from this point onwards.

At this point in time, if a person is part of the KoHeavenEarth company and alive upon Jesus’ return but didn’t qualify to join the executive management team, then that person will remain in their organic tech body until the end of the great 1,000-year upgrade. They will take part in the upgrade and have important work to do, but the reward of a new body is missed. If a person is dead upon the return of Jesus and misses the reward of joining the executive management team, then that person will remain dead in their grave until the end of the 1,000-year upgrade.

All employees of the KoAdam company remain in this company over the 1,000 years. They remain in their organic tech bodies until the end of the great 1,000-year upgrade. Those who are alive at Jesus’ return will take part in the upgrade work. But their work will differ greatly from those employees of the KoHeavenEarth company. If you’ve died before Jesus’ return, then you will remain dead in your grave until the 1,000-year upgrade is complete.

I believe the world might have two economic systems for a time. I am uncertain though. And for how long, I can’t say. The goal and plan over the 1,000-year upgrade is that the entire KoAdam company and the earth will be transitioned and integrated into the KoHeavenEarth company’s economic system.

Based on the company rules of time I presented earlier. There is evidence which shows that the first stage of the overall plan that Abba Father and Jesus set in place, gave the Kingdom of Adam 6,000 years of legal authority over the virus-infected organic tech. When Jesus returns, we then see the start to the 1000-year Sabbath on the earth. It’s a rest millennium, where Jesus gives the world and all of those in it a rest from their labor. He’ll take on the work with his executive management team to begin this upgrade. This follows with the six years’ work, one year rest pattern. This pattern provides us with 6,000 years of work, 1,000 years of rest, known as a millennium week.

The historical record puts Adam and Eve breaking the first company rule at between 4004 and 3894 BC. This then begins the approximate 6,000-year work period. This means any time after AD 2033 it’s indeed possible that Jesus is in the final preparations for his return. I know I’ll be expecting his potential return every year. We live in exciting times, as we’ll continue to see the collapse of the KoAdam company and the rising of the KoHeavenEarth company.

Let’s now look at what the 1,000-year upgrade may look like.

The 1,000-Year Upgrade

Exciting times begin! Jesus, the CEO, has now returned to earth. The relocation of the head office is complete. All the executive management team members have received their new virus-free bio-spirit tech bodies. They’re no longer mortal, but immortal like Jesus. Jesus has put an end to all the evil oppression occurring on earth. This is on a spiritual level and on an earthly physical level as well. The adversaries of humanity have been taken out and put in jail for these thousand years.

True peace can now begin on earth. There’s nothing that will stir the peoples of the earth to go to war against one another anymore. All of creation has been waiting for this day for the last 6,000 years or so. It’s finally come. Humanity feels like it can breathe for the first time. Everyone has a large sense of expectation and freedom. A feeling that seems new, as it’s an interesting freedom never experienced before.

There are several things a person notices on the earth as the thousand years kicks off.

The world will comprise four kinds of employees. The messengers/angels of Heaven, all part of the KoHeavenEarth company. They’re known as the hosts of Heaven. The executive management team of the KoHeavenEarth company. They’re immortal in their bio-spirit tech bodies. Then there are the employees of the KoHeavenEarth and the KoAdam companies, who are all mortal in their organic tech bodies.

The world will see during this time a mix of heavenly hosts, immortal, and mortal people on the earth. I believe our wildest fantasies can’t even imagine what this will be like. It’ll be amazing. The great thing is that even those in mortal bodies will begin to live longer as the effects of the virus are diminished. The blueprint states that a baby will live to be 100 years old. The aging process grinds to a halt. I believe people will not die at all during this time.

The new head office that Jesus and Abba Father have prepared is like nothing in our wildest dreams. Essentially, it’s an entire city. We’ll know it as a city state, being considered a new nation and country on earth. This head office is set up in such a way that all who are part of the KoHeavenEarth company can enter it. But all those found to be part of the KoAdam company can’t enter this city. This provides a strong reason for choosing to join the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth company while you’re alive. Only those in the KoHeavenEarth company will have access rights to the new head office and city.

All the animals of the planet will be changed as well. They’ll no longer be feared, nor will they fear us humans. Their desire to eat each other will be removed and they’ll once again become plant eaters. The blueprint has statements that the lion and the lamb will play together and that a child will play by a cobra’s den and won’t have anything to fear. We’ll be able to finally play with the world’s wild animals as if they were domestic dogs and cats.

Can you imagine how playful a lion or a cheetah could be? It’s so exciting to think about it.

The activities that take place over this time could fill the entire earth with books. The blueprint is written in such a way that it seems everything happens instantly. Yet given that the entire plan of Jesus has been active for the last 6,000 years or so and he is all about process, I see this period being one where the earth will be upgraded to version 3.0 over this time. It won’t happen instantly. You can read more about this in Appendix 4: Why Version 3.0 and 12 Billion. With any upgrade, it’s only “at the end” when someone can say the work is done. The final switch is flipped and “everything is new again.”

One can imagine a slow, scientific-based process of the planned restoration of everything. Jesus and the executive management team will lead the world in restoring all aspects of life back to its natural order. We’ll introduce new technologies. All nations will be modernized and rebuilt. Each family will be given their own specific piece of land, their own home. All people groups will be restored to the land inheritance that Jesus always had for them.

Peoples and nations will heal from the long oppression of the corrupt rulers of the KoAdam company. Over this time period, the people groups of the world will be blessed. They’ll learn the ways of our CEO Jesus and the KoHeavenEarth company. The executive management team will teach the world the company rules and laws and culture, understanding justice, mercy, and grace as per the Kingdom way.

I believe that over this time all the nations and peoples who are alive and who are part of the KoAdam company will, nation by nation, people by people, come to accept the terms and conditions of the KoHeavenEarth company. Then they’ll be integrated in with a forgiveness of all of their debts, as they accept the forgiveness of their sin-debts.

During all the restoration work that is going on, it’ll also be a time of preparing for the global employee performance review. At this time, every person’s work and debts will be reviewed. The company rules are the standard that will be used to give employees their performance review.

Finally, as we approach the last days of the 1,000-year upgrade, something remarkable will happen. Jesus will let loose from jail the adversaries of humanity. Why? Why will he do this? Well, in brief, it’s because Jesus desires to destroy all virus-infected organic tech. What will develop is that the adversary will instigate a huge rebellion against CEO Jesus and the executive management team. Anyone who still doesn’t want to accept Jesus as their CEO will join this rebellion. Given the company rules about war, it will give Jesus a reason to respond. A battle will then take place, and out of this, fire will rain down upon everyone who joined the rebellion.

As a result, the most amazing outcome will happen. The people won’t be destroyed, as Jesus loves them all. What will happen is that all virus-infected organic tech will be destroyed and burned up in a blink of an eye. What’s left will be so loving and good of Jesus. The virus of death and mortality will be burned up, leaving everyone standing in new organic cleantech bodies. The antivirus will have been administered. All will now be free of the virus of mortality and death. Sin, which is missing the mark of Abba Father, will have no power over the organic cleantech body. Death will be burned up with life!

We now wrap up the 1,000-year upgrade. The final event is now to take place that will lay the foundations for the next 42,000 years of earth and all of creation.

A Global Employee Performance Review and Creation’s Great Jubilee

It’s time now for the global employee performance reviews which will be held. The Bible blueprint calls this the “great white throne judgment.” Pop culture calls this “judgment day.” Interestingly, this is always presented in a very negative way—that it’s something to be fearful of. Well, the reality is quite the opposite. It’ll be for sure fearful for those who have done a lot of evil in their lives.

But it’s also a time of great justice to be executed for all time. Proper justice rights the wrongs of the past that haven’t been resolved. I hope one will see this as I continue. It’s at this point that we see the integrity of Abba Father and Jesus our CEO. How their company is established in righteousness and justice and that mercy and truth go before their faces daily.

CEO Jesus and his executive management team carry out this global employee performance review. This begins with all who have died since the beginning of time being brought back to life. This includes those of the KoHeavenEarth company and of the KoAdam company. This is known as the second resurrection. Everyone who is brought back to life will then receive organic cleantech bodies.

This is because the spirit needs to live in a body. And as the virus of mortality and death has been destroyed, Jesus doesn’t raise people back to life in infected bodies. This happens in new bodies that are free of the virus. Also, we will see that the earth has been completely restored, including all of the animals. Everything comprises organic cleantech now.

You may wonder—an employee performance review? Why? On what grounds? Well, this is done in order to properly bring company justice to everyone. What standard then will all people be reviewed or judged by? Well, for those who are part of the KoHeavenEarth company, the review is based on the new blueprint company rules. These rules are, in fact, an enhancement of the ten company rules of the old blueprint.

For those who are part of the KoAdam company, even though the corrupt rulers of the KoAdam company created their own company rules, they are devoid of any basis for review. It’s the overall Kingdom of Heaven Universe Ultd company rules that take priority. These reviews are based on how one performed against the ten company rules. We know them as the Ten Commandments.

The reviews are as follows, depending on which company you are found to be a part of at this second resurrection.

Employee of: The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Ultd.

For those who joined the KoHeavenEarth company in their active lifetime, they now go into their employee reviews. As the transfer into the KoHeavenEarth company states, Jesus has paid all past sin-debts. The past they had in the KoAdam company has been wiped clean. Those being reviewed here are those who missed their reward in joining the executive management team during the first resurrection but in their active lifetime had joined the KoHeavenEarth company. Their reviews are based on how they lived their lives as part of the KoHeavenEarth company.

Many will now finally receive their rewards. They’ll join the executive management team. They’ll receive their new bio-spirit tech bodies. They’ll take their place with their teammates in managing the KoHeavenEarth company with Jesus. It’s a wonderful time for all who missed the reward of the first resurrection. It’s a day to rejoice.

At the same time, others who joined the KoHeavenEarth company might find the outcome is that they still need some time for character refinement and maturity. They aren’t ready to join the executive management team just yet. They need to learn the ways of the company and gain the right experience first. The time needed for each person will be determined upon the individual’s employee review.

Some may need longer; others may need almost no time at all. Under the care of an executive management team member they’ll be prepared so that when the time is right, they too will join the executive management team and step into their new bio-spirit tech bodies. For each person there’ll be a great party when they have reached the goal Jesus has for them.

When the next Sabbath millennium kicks off, which is the next 6,000 years’ work + 1,000 years’ rest eon or age, there’ll come a point in time when all who joined the KoHeavenEarth company will achieve executive management status. They’ll be sons and daughters of Abba Father. And they’ll manage the universe with Jesus as their CEO. It’s a glorious time for all who saw the vision of the KoHeavenEarth company and said yes to Jesus while they were alive.

Employee of: The Kingdom of Adam Ultd.

Now we come to what I believe is the most important part of this entire book. I’ll be honest with you. This little section for me is the entire heart of the book. The importance of earth is, of course, key for us all to understand. It’s the reason I’m writing. But this little section is one where I know Abba Father and CEO Jesus want all to understand the depths of their heart and love for all of their creation.

What is the outcome of the global employee performance review for those who never joined the KoHeavenEarth company and are found to be in the Kingdom of Adam Ultd company when Jesus returns?

Traditionally, over the last 1,620 years the answer would be as follows: your employee performance review is fixed. You haven’t joined the KoHeavenEarth company. You didn’t accept Jesus as your CEO or the terms and conditions of your debt payment. Therefore, Abba Father and Jesus have only one option. They must send you to hell, where you’ll be for all of eternity in never-ending fire and torment. A person will be eternally separated from Abba Father and Jesus.

I want to tell you the greatest news of all. This is 10,000 percent not true. Not one single part of it. It’s against the company rules of the KoHeavenUniverse and KoHeavenEarth companies. Nowhere is it found in their laws. Nowhere does this fit within the rules of time and the Sabbath law and the Jubilee law.

If you recall, the Jubilee law is a setting free of all debts. Abba Father and Jesus created you. They love you; they still have plans for you. They certainly aren’t done with you. You’re valued and you’re also irreplaceable to them. Nothing will change this. How amazing is this good news? This is their personal love letter to you!

History shows that over the last 1,620 years, a cruel character assassination has taken place against Jesus and Abba Father by the KoAdam company. I’d encourage everyone to read more about this in my thought-provoking Appendix 3: A Cruel Character Assassination. In this appendix and in Appendix 5: The Integrity of Law and Order, I reveal the elements of this horrendous character assassination. I go into more of the actual biblical laws that show that eternal punishment can never be the end for those who didn’t accept Christ Jesus while they were alive.

So one may ask, what happens if I don’t choose to join the KoHeavenEarth company? What happens to me?

What happens is that at the great company performance review, if someone is part of the KoAdam company, they’ve not received the payment of their personal sin-debts by Jesus. Therefore, the terms and conditions are that that person will stand accountable for all their own sin-debts. All employee reviews have a personal nature. It doesn’t matter how anyone else performed.

It’s all now, down to how you, as an individual employee of the KoAdam company, performed against the KoHeavenUniverse company’s rules and laws. How you treated the people surrounding you during your life. Each employee is reviewed and judged against how they lived their lives and how they performed against the ten company rules (i.e. the Ten Commandments).

Jesus and his executive management team will perform for each person a personal employee performance review. The debts created over a person’s life will be reviewed and calculated. A number will be provided that equals a period of time. A time to work off those debts will begin. Each person will be put into the loving care of an executive management team member. Each person will be in their organic cleantech body during this time.

A person will work and will be trained and educated in the ways of the KoHeavenEarth company as each person serves out their debt. The earth will continue to be developed and built up during this time. Additionally, during this time, those serving out their debts can’t enter the head office of the KoHeavenEarth company. One will miss the direct and immediate presence of living in the house and city of Jesus and Abba Father. The city will be off limits to you. It’s just the rules of the company. Though in this case, the outcome is still a very loving and caring one.

Isn’t this amazing news? Let me ask you, when you read this, doesn’t it make you think differently about Abba Father and Jesus? I have more good news. It’s still not over.

The truth is that a huge reward has still been missed. One has missed early on having the opportunity to manage the universe with Jesus. By not joining the KoHeavenEarth company, one has also missed having a deep personal relationship with Abba Father and Jesus. The good news is that Jesus still declares: I will restore all to Abba Father.

As each person finishes working off their debts, during that time, they will have been trained in all the ways of the kingdom. What follows then is that when that debt is paid, they will enter the KoHeavenEarth company and become an executive management team member. They will then receive their new bio-spirit tech body. They will have access now to the head office and the city. They will enter a personal relationship with Jesus and Abba Father. You too will take your wonderful place in the kingdom.

We see, then, that Jesus has a plan and a purpose for you no matter what choice you make for him now. Of course, you will have forgone the huge rewards. His love is infinite. Though the plan will take time; it could take millennia, depending on how much debt you must work off. Yet one day, you will enter the greatest role of your life—an executive management team member.

Creation’s Great Jubilee

A final question arises now for all the people and the earth. How much time will need to pass for all the peoples of the KoAdam company to serve out all their debts? What’s good justice? Isn’t that a daunting question to think about? I hope maybe you’re already seeing the answer.

At the beginning of this chapter, I shared the three company rules of time. These are the foundation for us to understand how much time is needed or allowed. As I shared, the apostle Peter wrote that one day is a thousand years with Abba Father and Jesus. If a Jubilee is to be called at the end of every forty-nine-year period and all debts are to be released at the beginning of every fiftieth year, we see that a Sabbath millennium of a thousand years exists. Then it’s very safe to calculate that, in time, what Dr. Stephen E. Jones calls a “Creation’s Jubilee” shall transpire. He’s written a book about this entitled Creation’s Jubilee,[8] which I highly recommend.

After the great company employee performance reviews are complete, time will carry on forward for the earth. And for us. We will begin a new 6,000-year work period followed by a 1,000-year rest period. This will carry on until we reach the 49,000th year, this being creation’s first great Jubilee. All debts will be released at the beginning of the 50,000th year, which kicks off the next 49,000-year Jubilee cycle.

All of this will be executed according to the company rule of the Jubilee law. It doesn’t matter how much debt is still unpaid. All debts by rule and law are to be released. All people will enter the last stage of the plan for the reconciliation of all things. Jesus will hand over the ownership of the KoHeavenEarth company to his father, and we will all become one with Abba, that being the “all in all.”[9]

With this, the plan is complete. Death is swallowed up with life. Who knows what will happen after the first year of the 50,000th year? But honestly, it’s not important. The plan we see laid out in the Bible blueprint at this stage will be finished. It’s a plan we can trust. We read:

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God [Jesus-Yahweh and Abba Father] has prepared for those who love Him.”[10]

One can only imagine what follows the first creation’s Jubilee. For now, though, the plan has been revealed. The good news goes forth. The upgrade of the earth and everything in it has been a success. “It is Finished!” The earth has served its purpose and will probably continue to serve its purpose—to be the headquarters for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth—for a minimum of 50,000 years and ongoing.

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